Dogs on blogging

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  • Excellent!

  • On The Internet, Nobody Knows Your Dog Can Blog

    One of my all time favorite New Yorker cartoons is the one with two dogs sitting in front of a computer where one says to the other On the Internet, nobody knows youre a dog. Seth just posted a new one thats right up t…

  • “Back to Pointless, Incessant Barking”

    Via Seth Levine….

  • Bark bark

    (Via Seth Levine)…

  • Bark bark

    (From the New Yorker, via Seth Levine)…

  • Web 2.0 This Week (September 11-17)

    Web 2.0 This Week
    September 11-17
    What a week! Skype gets acquired, Google launches RSS search and turns two. Lots of good web 2.0 stuff below.
    TechCrunch has moved from our offices in Los Angeles to Atherton, right in the heart of silic…