What’s your million dollar idea?

Thanks to JB for pointing this out.  Pretty interesting idea.  I particularly like it from a data representation standpoint (see my post on that subject  here).


  • Grenadian sells beehive for $1 billion. Interest spinoff on the million dollar pixel idea. It corrects some of the mistakes that might stop the milliondollarhomepage from reaching it’s goals.

  • Buynetland.com is a new revolutionary advertising idea which has been made popular over the globe. Buynetland.com is on the same basis as milliondollarhomepage but much more benificial to either business or individuals. Take a look today.

  • This MillionXXXhomepage thing is really spreading like wild fire, copycats everywhere, and now the dark side has joined in, http://wwww.internetpornbillboard.com
    Where will it end?

  • Trop fort : 1 M$ avec 15$ dinvestissement

    Javais lu dans le NY Times que la page daccueil de http://www.google.com, à 70% blanche, est probablement la plus forte valeur immobilière du net : combien payerait une multinationale pour un logo de 2040 px ?
    Un jeune étudiant anglais…

  • http://www.pricelessidea.com is like the Milliondollarhomepage only better. It rewards its visitors by giving away free IPOD NANO’s just for clicking on advertisements.

  • Hello
    I’ve built this:
    It is incredible how I get hits doing nothing, actually. 500 unique in 4 days.
    However not much selling activity yet.
    I have a contest for $1m, anybody selling as original site is invited.

  • Ray

    Another free pixel advertising site: