I’ve put up a back page on my blog where I can play around with new stuff — called etcetera. There’s a permanent link to it just below the ‘e-mail me’ on the top of the left nav bar.

I’m just starting to put some things up (tag cloud, a swicki and my cloud). If you bump into stuff that looks fun, send me a note about it. I’ll put up some reminder posts as I populate the page with new ideas.

  • Two more tips for your experimental page: LinkCloud and ClickMyBut which you can find on

  • I agree with Boris

  • Maestro BK

    Cheers, Mr. Seth! I actually discovered you via Nick D’Aloisio’s Twitter, believe it or not. I’m particularly interested in your #CrowdTap property! Has a gr8 potential!

    • Agreed! Super interesting company/opportunity!