The start-up office

I visited a company the other day that had a classic start-up office.  One big room with a ¾ wall separating out two workspaces, two guys, plastic folding tables for desks and a bookshelf that served as the printer stand, kitchen,
library and server rack.  I love it!

  • I love it. I visit two like this most weeks, it seems. it’s so pure and right isn’t it? never again will the company be as productive on a per capita basis.

  • OMG! That sounds just like the company I work for! Except we have 28 people crammed into that big room – I am a start up junkie. I took the corporate route a few years ago and finally left that world to come back to the ‘flying by the seat of your pants’ lifestyle. Our esteemed Scientific Advisory Board members occasionally make it to San Diego with the parting comment of “You look so much BIGGER in the market” LOL gotta love it! Deb

  • lol…
    Throw us in for the “most in need of an HGTV office makeover” too … our office(s) are in a garage in OKC and one near the U district in Baghdad. Forget options, its amazing how much C code someone will do with gunfire outside…