Let’s agree to disagree

Is there much disagreement in your company? I’m not talking about where to head for lunch – I mean real, passionate, fundamental disagreement on product, marketing, operations, etc.

I hope so.

Even more so the earlier you are in your business. Running it is a messy business. There are tons of decisions to be made and each decision is amplified by factors such as your short runway of cash, new competitors entering the market and new team members joining your company. So a healthy amount of disagreement and discourse is not just a good thing, it’s inevitable. In fact I’d venture to say that if there’s not disagreement at your business, you’re not encouraging enough debate and people don’t feel free to speak their minds. Of course after listening to this robust debate you’ll ultimately have to make a decision and move forward (end of debate – don’t let it stretch on after the decision has been made), but I’d encourage you to create an environment at your company where differing opinions are both valued and encouraged. You’re hiring great people after all. Make sure you give them the space to speak their minds.

  • Not much disagreement at HireFlo right now, since I’m a single founder.  However, in the past I’ve always tried to hire people who are better at their area of responsibility than I am.  So it follows that when I disagree with them, most of the time they’re right.

    • Even a single founder in a company of one will have healthy disagreements – with himself. You know those moments where you have two conflicting thoughts in your head and are struggling to decide what to do? A useful technique is to pretend you are two different people having a healthy disagreement with each other. That often reduces the issue down to whatever the important points / crux is – which helps you get to an answer faster!

  • I see disagreement as passion! It should never be a stopping point… it should be a starting point. A place to find a better idea or a better way to do things. That being said that’s how we run things at ThinDish. We’re looking for passionate people to make changes and push us forward. After all why surround yourself with a bunch of yeses? I expect my team to challenge me. Thats how we grow.