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Steppin’ Up

I took an important step in my life as a venture capitalist today when I attended my first board meeting as an actual board member (rather than a board observer – see my post on this distinction from last month). While the earth didn’t exactly shake off its axis, I can’t help but feel that today was a real milestone in my life as a venture capitalist. I’ve worked with a lot of companies since joining Mobius, but this is the first deal that is really my ultimate responsibility. Today’s board meeting wasn’t unlike the hundreds of other board meetings I’ve participated in over the past 3 years, but there was no question that there was something a little different about it for me. I don’t want to make more out of this than there really is – I work very closely with all of the companies I’m involved in at Mobius and am for the most part treated by all of them as if I were on the board. Still, there was something different about my meeting today – maybe just in knowing that Mobius (and our investors) need look no further than me when judging this investment . . .

February 15th, 2005     Categories: Venture Capital