It has been suggested to me by unnamed lawyers that I put a more formal legal disclaimer on my blog. While most lawyers tire me out, I agree that it’s worth clarifying that each and every thought on this blog is my own, I’m responsible for what I say, and all errors, idiocy, stupid comments, swear words, and humor are my own personal responsibility. These are my own thoughts, generated by me, representing me. They – and this blog – are in no way affiliated with Mobius Venture Capital, Foundry Group or any other company that I have any involvement in. If I’ve made a mistake, it’s my fault. If I’ve said something that makes you laugh, you can thank me. Of course, you should not rely on anything in the blog as legal, financial, accounting, investment, tax, or any other kind of regulated advice. I’m merely a guy living in Colorado who likes to write, enjoys working in technology, and – well – has plenty of opinions – no matter how stupid they are.

And oh yeah, my co-writers are incorporated herein by reference, which is legalese for “what they say is their own stuff and not affiliated with any of the companies they work for either.”