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New look, same me

I have to admit that I never really loved my old blog format (either of them, actually). I never got the colors right (way too much orange, strange brown) and it was far too cluttered looking.

Thanks to the great guys over a Slice of Lime (and our IT guy Ross Carlson) I now have a great new look and feel for VC Adventure which I’m really excited about. You’ll notice a much better twitter feed (with a clever little bird “tweeting” what I have to say), a short bio on the front page, a significantly better main body look and a much easier ability to tweet, comment, etc. Welcome to 2010…

One note – during the transition to this new format (and underlying CSS – we’re now on WordPress) comments to my posts will be down. You can still comment, but the hundreds of old comments to previously written posts will take a few more days to transfer over (we need to switch over my Intense Debate

account, which Ross insists will take most of the rest of this week). Sorry about that. That also means that the “Popular Posts” feature won’t be live for a bit either (it polls posts for comments to determine the most popular articles).

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New look, same Seth

With thanks to Ross for actually pulling everything together, I’m launching a new look and a new site today. Seth Levine’s VC Adventure is now hosted on my own domain – – and is sporting an updated look. My old TypePad site is still active (although I’m no longer posting there) and in theory (at least until it breaks) is redirecting traffic to my new site (and should be directly specific posts to their respective post here at Let me know if you find anything broken or in need of editing/updating/improvement/better design.

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