Archives / April, 2007

Your social meter

Check out socialmeter. It gives you the link count for any site (any specific URL actually) from Bloglines,, Digg, Google, Rojo, Shadows, Technorati and Yahoo. It’s a bit blunt and it would be useful as a widget (rather than taking you off the page you’re visiting and to the socialmeter page) – not to mention if it had a way to actually parse the link sources – but it’s both fun an interesting. Thanks to Paul at Blau Exchange for the pointer.

Personal traits

I had lunch with someone last week who truly personified a quality that I admire – humbleness. I was surprised by this, not only because most people simply aren’t very humble, but also because despite being young (I’m not exactly sure his age, but it was likely 24 or 25) he had actually accomplished quite a bit – founding a finance firm, raising some capital and finagling his way into a handful of really interesting late stage deals (of course his perspective was that he really hadn’t done anything yet . . . but that was just him being humble). When I was in my mid 20’s I don’t recall being particularly humble (actually, I recall being pretty pleased with…