Linking around

A few things that might be of interest. Foundry announced our latest investment – Pie Digital. Pie has created an "IT department in a box".  Brad jokes that he’ll no longer have to provide tech support for his parents. My dad is literally a rocket scientist, so I can’t exactly make that claim, but like Jason (see his post here), I’m looking forward to their product rolling out. You can read the Foundry post here. I sat down with BusinessWeek’s Spencer Ante to talk about the Denver/Boulder tech scene. I liked Spencer a lot – very amiable and obviously knowledgeable about technology.  Here’s the article. Want to know what you’re start-up’s worth?  Here’s a site that says it can predict…

Random ramblings

A few things that individually aren’t a full post but that I wanted to point out. First – there are a lot of idiots on the internet – at least 409 of them (the fact that this number matches the most annoying accounting/tax regulation is pure coincidence, I’m sure…). Second – My dad’s take on my assessment of the patent situation (including where he disagrees with me – thanks for reading dad!). Third – A post from Rich McIver on VC presentations which underscores many of the points I’ve made in post on the same subject (here and here) Finally, a few tidbits from a report from The Nomura Research Institute on worldwide voice vs. data mobile usage (sorry –…

Linking around 8/15

Here are a few links worth taking a look at: Google Trends – (thanks to Jason for the pointer).  I played around with this a while ago – they’ve improved it so you can compare search trends for different terms at the same time and also see what region the searches are coming from. Woot – Think you can’t make a business based on one product sale at a time? See splunk’d – You may have heard that AOL released their search database (that actually had customer identifying information attached to the search terms – oops). will let you search against this database to see what people were actually looking at – compare your searches to the…

Linking around 3/6

A few links for today that you might find interesting: Here’s a great presentation by Dick Hardt, CEO of Sxip Identity from OSCON 2005. Very fun if you have a few minutes and a nice example of how not to bore people with your presentation. (thanks to Ryan for the link) Since I was digging on MBAs the other day, I thought I should link over to a more thoughtful piece on alternatives to getting an MBA by Rajesh Setty who, other than having a great last name, also has a few relevant things to say about the topic. (from Lorne) Have more money than time (or perhaps good sense)? Here’s the exercise machine for you.

More from the corporate development perspective

With VC blogs and technology blogs a dime a dozen these days, I’m always interested when I come across a new blog from a corporate development type.  Just such a blog came to my attention yesterday – Lorne Groe’s Confessions of a Corporate Dealmaker. Check it out – very well written and thought provoking.