Linking around

A few things that might be of interest. Foundry announced our latest investment – Pie Digital. Pie has created an "IT department in a box".  Brad jokes that he’ll no longer have to provide tech support for his parents. My dad is literally a rocket scientist, so I can’t exactly make that claim, but like…

Random ramblings

A few things that individually aren’t a full post but that I wanted to point out. First – there are a lot of idiots on the internet – at least 409 of them (the fact that this number matches the most annoying accounting/tax regulation is pure coincidence, I’m sure…). Second – My dad’s take on…

Linking around 8/15

Here are a few links worth taking a look at: Google Trends – (thanks to Jason for the pointer).  I played around with this a while ago – they’ve improved it so you can compare search trends for different terms at the same time and also see what region the searches are coming from….

Linking around 3/6

A few links for today that you might find interesting: Here’s a great presentation by Dick Hardt, CEO of Sxip Identity from OSCON 2005. Very fun if you have a few minutes and a nice example of how not to bore people with your presentation. (thanks to Ryan for the link) Since I was digging…

More from the corporate development perspective

With VC blogs and technology blogs a dime a dozen these days, I’m always interested when I come across a new blog from a corporate development type.  Just such a blog came to my attention yesterday – Lorne Groe’s Confessions of a Corporate Dealmaker. Check it out – very well written and thought provoking.