Feb 25 2005

NewsGator and VNU

Ok – I’m a little late to the party on this one, but I promised NewsGator that I wouldn’t forget to drop a post on their recently announced deal with VNU (see the press release here; Brad has a post on the announcement as well – view it here).  The two companies are going to co-brand an RSS aggregator for 7 European markets(VNU is a big tech publishing house in Europe).  It’s a great deal for both companies and an important step forward for NewsGator in their continued development.

Someone asked me the other day with all the noise in the RSS aggregator market, what is going to set NewsGator apart?  There are multiple parts to the answer to this question, but developing strong partnerships with distribution partners (to drive their subscribers/readers to NewsGator’s platform) is a key part of the mix.  (More on my thoughts on the rest in a later post.)