The commonly confused words test

I thought I should post this after making such a stink about data being plural and all.  Here’s a link to a little word test for those of you (like me) who are interested in seeing if you really have a clue about these things (turns out I have only a partial clue – I scored 93% on each of the beginner and intermediate, 100% on advanced and a paltry 66% on expert).

You can take the test here (the direct url in case the link doesn’t work is

Thanks to Dave Jilk for sending this over to me.

Let me know how smart you are . . .

  • I thought I was stupid at first…I saw the graphs and saw:
    16% on Beginner
    30% on Intermediate
    48% on Advanced
    72% on Expert
    Then I noticed the “You scored higher than…” before each of them and saw those were based on age and gender.
    My real scores were:
    86% Beginner
    93% Intermediate
    93% Advanced
    77% Expert

  • Stephen Buck

    100% Beginner
    93% Intermediate
    93% Advanced
    61% Expert
    Do I win a prize? Maybe a series A financing? 😉

  • 100% Beginner
    93% Intermediate
    93% Advanced
    72% Expert
    I guess having English as a second language helps… 😉

  • onmywaymba

    Hi Seth,
    Very nice website. Thank you very much!
    I got glued to it since yesterday, and think I’ll finish all previous posts by the weekend.
    And, thanks for pointing out to the website… you made my day, as the score I got were:
    “You scored 100% Beginner, 100% Intermediate, 100% Advanced, and 86% Expert!”
    As Luca mentions, probably having English as second language helps!