Mar 9 2005

Things I learned on vacation – part I

One of the nice things about sitting on the beach for a week is that it gives you time to think about a few things. I won’t profess to having had profoundly deep thoughts, but I’m working on a few posts that cover some of the topics I was thinking about as I soaked in the rays.

First a light topic, but one that actually does have a real message despite its levity.

My 13 month old daughter discovered the joy of Oreo Cookies on our trip. Here’s the catch, though – she knew exactly how to eat them.  Seriously. Having never ever eaten or even seen an Oreo before in her life, she proceeded to pick up the cookie, pull it apart and eat the frosting out of the middle and then eat each of the cookies.  She did this every time she ate an Oreo. That’s how intuitive the Oreo Cookie is – a one year old can figure out the right way to eat it without any instruction or guidance.

All of the companies I work with should strive to have a product with that kind of appeal . . .