Jun 22 2005

Bike to work day

Today is bike to work day in Boulder. I’ve been meaning to ride my bike into work for a while, so today seemed like a good day to start.


Here are a couple of observations from the road:

– Riding in is a fantastic way to start the day.  I got to work and felt great.  I was completely energized and awake after my roughly 15 mile ride in.- Leave your computer at home. I forgot to do this last night and as a result had to lug my laptop on my back (along with a change of clothes, which would have also been a good thing to have brought into the office the day before my ride). What didn’t feel all that heavy in mile one felt like a ton by mile ten . . . – I live in the sticks. I didn’t realize how many miles of farmland I actually pass on my way to work.  Zooming by at 60mph most mornings it fails to register with me. Riding at a more moderate 15 or 20mph I got to take it all in.- God – Colorado is beautiful. For about 8 or 9 miles of my ride I was riding with unobstructed views of the rockies, including Longs Peak – Bike lanes are everywhere here. I probably only rode about a mile this morning that wasn’t in a bike lane – excellent!

– If there is a water main break and you get passed by a car you will get very wet.  ‘Nuff said.- There are a lot of other cyclists out on the road.  I passed more than I thought I would (hopefully people out like me for bike to work day).  Everyone waved or nodded – very nice. So it can be done. Assuming all goes well on the ride home I plan to do this again.  I hope you’ll think about it too . . .