Jun 13 2005

Here’s how you do it

I got a great postcard today from Ben Casnocha.

It said: Yay, summer has come Business, reading, deep thinking Time to change the world


Ben understands networking. He’s thoughtful. He posts comments to blogs that are relevant and interesting.  He sends private e-mails in response to things he reads. He forwards articles of interest that are targeted to the people he interacts with.  He clearly thinks networking is a priority and does it well.

Ben also just graduated from high school, which I think puts him light-years ahead of his peers in his understanding of human interaction (ok – lets face it – it puts him light-years ahead of people of any age in his understanding of this). If you don’t know Ben, you should. UPDATE: Ben sent me a friendly reminder that he’s actually just finished his junior year of high school – not his senior year. . .  Guess that puts him yet another year ahead of the pack.