Aug 26 2005

Josh King and the corporate development perspective

HHere’s today’s shocker – VC’s don’t have all the answers.  Those of you  who are not VC’s have known this all along, but for people on the inside it’s a slow process of realization (I think I’m on about step 8).

Seriously, though, as much as its amusing to poke fun at VCs (and our increasing propsnsity to blog), I do really like to see new non-VC folks throw their hats in the ring to talk about the world of operating growing businesses.  Because of my background, I’m especially fond of reading what people in the corporate development world have to say (which is in part why I encouraged Daniel to write a guest post for my M&A series).

Josh King is doing just that and I’d like to officially welcome him to the blogosphere. And with a blog named “corporate tool” we know he’ll bring some humility to his writing <g>.  Welcome Josh!