Aug 3 2005

We still have a long way to go

I’m leaving for a week’s vacation tomorrow (see my vacation curve post – I’m past the inflection point again) and I’m not planning on checking my e-mail regularly.  To keep down on e-mail clutter, my secretary is going to monitor my mail and delete or move things out of my inbox that are not important or that don’t have immediacy.  To make sure the right stuff stays and goes, I’m making a list of things that I would like her to keep and things that she can move or throw out.  This process has highlighted for me how many things I get delivered to my inbox that should be sent via RSS – all the updates, tech dailies, vc weeklies, investment banking research reports, etc.  My list of things to discard is shockingly long.  All of this is really unnecessary – everything in that group should really be delivered via RSS (I already subscribe to a long list of update or keyword search type feeds through RSS, but the ones on this list are not available in that format yet), which would allow me to be in better control (the Outlook filtering functions aren’t very reliable) and not have to bug someone else with my e-mail clutter.

Next vacation I hope not to have to do any of this. . . .