Jan 20 2006

Follow up to “What’s in a name?”

You can see from the comments to my post on company names yesterday that I actually heard from many of the companies listed (a few wrote me directly and don’t show up on the comments roster, but 3 commented directly). I was actually highly amused by the e-mail exchanges I had on the topic – everyone took it in stride (and thought it was extremely funny). It did get me thinking about how fast information travels in a WEB2.0 world. With one exception that I’m aware of, the people who contacted me were not a regular reader of this blog (despite my wishing that my reach was really that far . . .). Still within a few hours, they had all been alerted to the fact that I had posted about them.  There are no secrets in a world that connected . . .I suppose the downside to having a made up company name is that no one knows what you do. The upside is that when someone mentions you on the web, its pretty easy to figure it out (not too many cases of someone writing about the wrong “Nuvvo”, I’d imagine).