Mar 2 2006

Birthday wishes

Birthday wishes to Ben Casnocha who turns 18 today.
Ben sent an e-mail out last week asking a bunch of folks for their advice about life at that age. I’m afraid my response was a little late to make it into his post with some of the material he received. Here was my 2c (extra points for the haiku): always have more fun by enjoying what you do it’s all the journey

Two things that I wish someone told me when I was 18:

  • you can never travel too much – especially when you are young (I  should have taken time off to do this)
  • you are never delaying living your life – you are living it every moment of every day; put another way, life isn’t actually about a series of events or hitting milestones – its about getting there; i was in way too much of a rush when i was young to get somewhere and didn’t spend enough of my time enjoying the journey