Mar 29 2006

How do you sign your e-mails?

For some reason I’ve been paying attention lately to how people sign their e-mails and thought I’d throw out a few thoughts. I’d be particularly interested to hear from people on the strangest sign-offs they’ve received.

Below is a list of some of the more common sign-offs along with my take on what they really mean.

  • Cheers! – I’m cool! Best – I don’t want to be locked into a specific sign-off – please interpret as you wish (best wishes, best regards, best cheers, etc.)
  • All the best – When “Best” simply isn’t good enough
  • Ciao! – I’m cool! and trying to act foreign
  • Sincerely – I took this really great business writing class in high school
  • Thanks – I really do mean thanks (when used correctly) / I can’t think of anything else to say (when used incorrectly, for example at the bottom of a flame e-mail)
  • Hope all is well – Please DO NOT write back with details of whether you are well or not – I’m just trying to be polite
  • Warm regards – I’ve just returned from my latest analyst session and am feeling pretty centered
  • [nothing but your name] – Sometimes less is more
  • [not even your name – just your full signature] – I’m so efficient/important/etc. that I don’t
    have time to even type in my name

With my very cheeriest and best thanks and regards.  Here’s hoping all is well


seth j. levine

mobius venture capital