Feb 3 2007


I was on a call recently where I had to ask someone 4 times to repeat what they were saying using more exact terms.  It’s a major pet peeve of mine and so prevalent I’m losing my ability to be nice about it.  Perhaps it’s a result of being a kinder, gentler society or maybe it’s just because we’ve all sat through too many PowerPoint presentations or maybe we’re all testing our political-speak skills, but whatever it is the result is the absolutely maddening trend of people not saying directly what they mean and forcing the rest of us to play 20 questions to tease it out of them.

Here’s an example:

Direct description:  This is a red circle

“Business” description: The object displays certain characteristics that you might find in areas that were prone to liking colors that were deeper and brighter in tone.  I also note that the object is rounded on four sides.

UGHHHH!  I know you know exactly what I’m talking about…