Nov 29 2007

Mac Attack

Perhaps it’s too cliché to rag on Microsoft Vista, but indulge me for just a minute. Vista – you suck! You reboot my computer constantly and at seemingly any time of day, you don’t work with any of my existing peripherals, you amuse yourself with your endless “i’m thinking now, please go away” circles and seem to revel in turning my inbox opaque and hanging up for minutes on end – especially when I’m in the middle of something important.

Today I bought my first Mac in 17 years (my last Mac was the Classic my parents bought for me when I left for college). It’s too early to tell you exactly how much I like it, but so far it’s a breath of fresh air. And while I’m not planning on completely giving up my windows machines yet, I think I’ll enjoy a respite from them now and again with my new found friend.

For a much more amusing rant on this subject, check out this post from Ross Carlson, our Director of IT. Well put, Ross!