Jan 2 2008

Back in the saddle

At Mobius/Foundry we take the week between Christmas and New Year off from work. Combined with a few days before, Christmas this makes for a pretty nice break from the office. Historically I average about 50% for being able to actually take meaningful time away from work over this time period (there have been a handful of years where an end of the year deal has made this impossible). This was one of the good years.

I forget sometimes how nice it is not only to take time off but how great it is to stick around every once in a while during a holiday. Especially in a place like Colorado, there just a lot to do close to home. We split our vacation between our place in the mountains (got our girls on skis for the first time and had some great back-country days!) and at our house near Boulder (more back-country skiing with my wife thanks to some opportunistic babysitting).

I’m charged up for 2008. Lots to write about. . . Lots to do. I’m looking forward to sharing it with you through VC Adventure.