Jan 8 2008


Yesterday Memeo announced an $8.1m Series B funding led by Foundry. Memeo offers simple, elegant, but extremely powerful backup and synchronization capabilities for both the Windows and Macintosh platforms. I couldn’t be more excited about the Memeo opportunity, about the Memeo team or about our co-investor, G-51 (with whom we’ve teamed up with in past investments). And while I rarely judge the merits of an investment based on my personal experience with a product, I can say that having installed the product as part of our due diligence process I’ve been amazed with how powerful and simple to use the Memeo’s Life Agent. It’s one of those things you add to your technology stack and quickly realize that you can’t live without it. The fact that it blows its competitors away with its ease of use just adds to the experience (yes – managing the back-up and synchronization of your digital assets SHOULD be this easy).

My partner, Ryan McIntyre, is going to represent Foundry on the board of Memeo and wrote a nice post here on the business and our decision to invest.