Mar 24 2008

Sharing practical experience

My partner Ryan related amusing story about leaving his brand new MacBook Air on a recent flight. I had a similar experience myself last week, which unfortunately didn’t end up quite as happily (although fortunately didn’t involve a $3,000 piece of technology).

I left the office for a meeting on Friday afternoon with my hands full: I had my computer bag in one hand and was carrying my jacket and a garment bag in the other. In addition I was on my phone as I dragged all of this down to the parking garage. I managed to get everything in the car without disrupting (or dropping) my call and drove off. After a few blocks, I noticed that my phone wasn’t in the spot I usually keep it in the car.  I was still on the phone (on a bluetooth headset) and figured it had fallen down between the seats.  After about 10 minutes I finished my call and at the subsequent two stop lights frantically looked for my phone under the passenger seat, in my bag, etc.  About 5 minutes later I heard a thump from the top of my car (and thought relatively little of it).  About 3 minutes after that, I realized that the thump was actually my phone falling off the top of my car where I had inadvertently left it while trying to load everything into the trunk. Oops…

While it’s amazing to me that I managed to leave my phone on the car in the first place (although less of a mystery to those who know me very well), it’s even more amazing that it managed to stay on for the duration of my phone call and then some. Of course by the time I circled back, I wasn’t able to find the phone – despite multiple passes. 

Moral of the story: don’t drive with your phone on top of the car!