Taking a break once in a while

If you’ve at all been trying to unplug once in a while – as I have been to mixed success,  you’ll enjoy this article from last Sunday’s NY Times.

  • John

    In our 2007 Private Equity and Venture Capital compensation survey, we found 49% of the respondents actually felt that they were doing a better than average job of achieving balance in their lives. Only a small minority of stated that they strike a poor balance between their work and personal lives. 38% of the respondents stated that the work/personal life balance is average. As a point of comparison from our other studies, this data shows the work/life balance achieved here is better than that of those employed in the hedge fund industry.

    Venture Capital Jobs

    • sethlevine

      i'm actually not surprised to hear that. one of the great things about the venture business is that while there is a lot of work and the overall hours are pretty steep, there's enough flexibility to be able to achieve that balance. i feel the same way. i work a ton of hours, but i'm usually able to get home for dinner and take my kids to school every day (at least when i'm in town).