The bird is cold

Yahoo launched a private version of what they are calling FireEagle – a service that allows you to track your location to be shared with applications that build to the FireEagle API – its basically a location “broker” (for self reported location).  I’m a big fan of location based services (we’re investors of IP geo-information company Quova and geo-spatial platform company deCarta), so the idea of a common platform upon which to build location aware applications.  Through Quova, we’re small investors in Navizon who has a similar dev platform to FireEagle.

So you can imagine my disappointment when I clicked over to the “application gallery” tab only to find nothing there.  Nothing.  Not a single “this is cool stuff, we’ve thrown a few things up to get you going” application.  Where is the Facebook “I’m here; my friends are there” integration?  Or better yet, the Twitter “friend location tracker”?  Or even a simple widget for my blog that reports my current location Nadda.  Just a note that says essentially “there’s no there there yet”.  I don’t get the point of launching a service – even just to the developer community, which is clearly their intent from the email I received – without at least a few demo apps.  I have to imagine that there are scores of companies out there with the time, talent and inclination to have done the work to be included with this launch.  Hopefully Yahoo/FireEagle will quickly get its act together and have a full application library before they take this service much further.

I have a few more invite codes if you’re looking to check it out.  Send me a note directly and if they are not all taken, I’ll hook you up.

I’m excited about what Yahoo is doing – just want to see more meat on the bones of the bird. . .

Update: My invite codes have all been given out.

  • hey, Seth — yeah I was there and Twittered it — the fact they're letting in 10,000 for the beta (that's a lot!) must mean they're betting those sample apps will now happen pretty fast…so, I s'pose the race is on to be among the first apps featured on their site

    but, you're right — couldn't they do one or two quickie examples themselves to get peoples' motors started?

    • sethlevine

      i didn't realize they had out so many invites! (guess i shouldn't feel that special…). i still don't get why they didn't have at least a couple of apps up – it couldn't be that difficult. hopefully we'll see some stuff soon . . .

  • Dan Burcaw

    It is clear that Yahoo has spent the bulk of their time on architecture and the developer kit. They have API kits for 5 languages and a decent amount of documentation/examples. Yet no apps. Strange.

    I noticed that the API allows the user to control the “zoom level” of their location (e.g. city, neighborhood, etc). It will be interesting to see how different apps try to encourage higher precision– which is almost always more valuable (and useful).

    • sethlevine

      i saw that as well, dan. i'm psyched about what looks like the flexibility of the platform. hopefully we'll see some apps up there soon…

  • Aw shucks I missed out on the beta but this looks to be big and I will be keeping a close eye on it. I found your site via Intense Debate and I am really impressed. Keep up the great work blogging!

    • sethlevine

      thanks for the note of encouragement – sorry i'm out of invites . . .