I think blogging is cool…

I also think it’s a fantastic business tool.  I’m speaking on a panel to that effect next week in Denver along with Tim Higgins from Indigio, Jon Nordmark from eBags, Ken Klispie of Disaboom and David Gibbons of Zillow.  If you’re around and interested (or just want to come heckle) please come!

  • An opportunity to heckle Seth Levine the magnificent?? Oooh, sign me up!

  • Cory Levy

    Is the panel going to be taped or accessible on the web? I am highly interested in viewing it (I justed started my first blog: http://www.clevy.tumblr.com) but will not be in Denver.


    • sethlevine

      i'm not sure, cory. if it is i'll post a link. glad to see you jumped into the blogging world – i've got you in feeddemon!

  • I have a question about the social media side of internet marketing. The only reason I bring this up is because I see that INDIGIO references the ways that help grow their clients business over the web. I am still relatively new to this industry but I have not seen much success from social medias(facebook myspace etc) I guess I am confused on whether you use these tools to add one more stake in the ground for your company, conversion, traffic, or simply one more link. and on a more broad scale this seems to me like a more long term strategy (I understand if you want to be successful you have to put in the time) but I guess I am missing the bigger picture of implementing the two sites listed especially from a business perspective. I would almost rather spend the time on other areas. Any insight on this is greatly welcomed on this topic just because I am rather confused about what it really brings to the table?

    • sethlevine

      mary – that's a huge question and one that's largely unanswered. brand advertising hasn't yet figured out how to really take advantage of social media (for the most part), although there are clearly some that are better than others at playing the game…i think there's going to be a huge amount of investment (time, money, effort, etc.) in trying to help brands figure this out – from first party ad serving to meta social networks, to better branding and monetization strategies. are you going to the panel presentation?

  • Norman Mottram

    I attended the event and enjoyed the discussion, however I am still not convinced about the benefits of blogging to a small B to B technology company, particularly as we are in an emerging market. There was some discussion on this and was wondering if you had any more thoughts on this. Was going to try to discuss with the panelists, but had to start the trek back to Boulder!

    • sethlevine

      thanks norman. look for a post soon on this (as follow up from the panel)…

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