Jun 23 2008

Inside the Foundry psyche

There are a couple of posts up this morning that I’d like to point you towards.

The first is over at Mendelson’s Musings (written by my partner Jason Mendelson) that talks about our work with Nancy Raulston, our team’s executive coach (direct post link here). I’m fortunate to work with a group of partners that believe (as I do) that part of building a great firm is building a strong foundation for communication and feedback. We take this work very seriously (starting with the 360 degree review that Jason describes and continuing twice a year at team off-sites where we Nancy facilitates a group review) and even base a portion of our compensation on this work (literally putting our money where out collective mouths are).

The second is today’s post on the Foundry Group blog titled "There is no "I" in Foundry" which describes our team approach to running Foundry and contrasts that with the more typical venture firm.  While there wasn’t a plan to release these two posts on the same day, they both point to an overall philosophy at Foundry that we are stronger and more successful investors as a group rather than as individuals.

For me these posts really highlight why I’m proud to be a part of Foundry and to call Jason, Ryan, Brad and Chris my partners.