I’m trying to purge the word "deal" from my lexicon – at least as it relates to investments (i.e., companies are not a "deal", it’s an "investment opportunity"; the actual transaction itself is still fair game). 

I’m amazed how often the term comes up in the venture industry. To me it seems somehow demeaning and way too generic. Entrepreneurs who put their heart and sole into a company don’t need to hear us talk about their companies like they’re a commodity.

If you’re a VC reading this, try it for a day and see how often the word comes up . . . and how difficult it is to stop using it…

  • NickN

    I think that's along the same lines as companies having “customers” rather than “users”, something I've tried to correct in my own vocabulary… I'm not a deal, I'm a free opportunity 😉

  • daren benzi

    seth, this is truly a great post.

    i hope lots of vc's read this post and follow your excellent advice. my friend, you are a prince among vc's!

  • I am not a VC – but I don't find the term that way – Lets make a deal – barter – exchange, discuss fair value.

  • Pete Sheinbaum

    And equally important not to refer to the company you are selling as the “asset.” That is just as disheartening to the entrepreneur.