Oct 15 2008

Come to Defrag!


I can’t state it more simply or directly than the title to this post – you should be coming to the Defrag conference (www.defragcon.com). 

Foundry started Defrag with conference veteran Eric Norlin to bring together a group of technologists to talk about the challenges around increasing fragmentation of data online and the tools and technologies that are being developed to make sense out of this data mess. We strongly believe that rather than sitting on the sideline watching and listening to the conversation taking place within the markets we care about that we should be actively facilitating and participating in that discussion (you’ll hear more about a new conference we’re working on withe Eric soon).

With industry thought leaders such as Esther Dyson, Doc Searls, Chris Shipley and many others, the conference is a hotbed of new ideas.  Most importantly the sessions are designed to stimulate debate, discussion and disagreement and the engagement level of the attendees is truly unique.  This is truly a "must not miss" event.

I’ve been to a lot of conferences over the years and think the most of them pretty much suck. They are too preachy, the attendees are too varied and numerous to enable meaningful interaction and they skim the trees in terms of content.  Defrag couldn’t be more different.  It is everything conferences should be – stimulating, engaging, meaningful and thought provoking. 

Register Now!

Special note to my Denver/Boulder readers: It’s not often that a world class technology conference sets up shop in our area. We specifically located Defrag in Denver to help encourage local entrepreneurs and companies to become even more a part of the conversation.  The conference brings world-class thought leaders to our hometown.  I’ve seen the registration data – the conference is attracting talented entrepreneurs from all around the country. But registrations from Denver/Boulder are lagging.  What gives? Represent for your local community. Take part in the national conversation.  Get to Defrag!