MSFT still has it…

I spent last Thursday at Microsoft for their annual VC Summit. While there are plenty of ways that the company can improve, I walked away with the very distinct feeling that the "market" underestimates the innovation coming out of Redmond and the ways in which the company is clearly changing and adapting to the new technology world.  Specifically, the products and people I encountered were forward thinking – clearly moving well beyond the OS and embedded software mentality that is the history of the business – and significantly more platform agnostic than they are given credit for (both product demos I saw included at least one Mac and other non-Microsoft based products).

And then there’s Google, which in many ways may be the best thing that’s ever happened to Microsoft. It’s given them something to rally around and a benchmark by which to measure themselves by.

Watch out for the not-so-slumbering giant…

  • daren benzi

    seth, talk is cheap and forgettable.

    in its recent past, what has msft done to indicate they're capable of moving beyond an embedded software mentality?

    • sethlevine

      daren – i think both silverlight and their mesh initiative are great examples of their moving beyond embedded software in a meaningful and platform agnostic manner. we'll see if they really pull it off (certainly they've had some other attempts that have looked promising early but fizzled out)…

  • I agree with you Seth. Microsoft has survived and grown through it all. Everything I am reading points towards Microsoft not going quietly into the night.

  • Sunil

    Sorry to balk at this, but Microsoft has made its money by stealing other's ideas and abusing its desktop monopoly. The last greatest thing to come out of Redmond was the “ribbon”!