Nov 2 2008

Sonos keeps getting better

If you’ve read this blog for a while you’ll know that Sonos is one of my favorite all time inventions.  For those of you living in a closet, Sonos is a system that allows for wireless streaming of music throughout your home with the ability to separately control dozens of music "zones".  You can easily stream music from various online sources (or your own music library) and their controller makes it easy to create play-lists, cue up music and play different tunes in different parts of your house.  If you have ears, you should own one of these.

Last week Sonos announced a bunch of new features – free integration with Pandora (I was already paying for this – it my be the single best feature of the entire system), more internet radio options, integration with and … the ability to turn your iPhone into a Sonos controller (seriously cool).