We were talking today at our regular Monday partner lunch about accessibility and openness. At Foundry we strive to be transparent and available – from our various blogs (the Foundry blog; plus each of our personal blogs -  Jason, Ryan, Brad as well as this one) to direct email addresses on our website. While in many ways venture capital has been somewhat of a mystery to most people, we’re hoping to provide a little transparency into our daily lives, into the mechanisms we use to evaluate companies and into how VCs think about investing in and growing companies.

With that as a backdrop, I wanted to remind readers that I love hearing from you. Comments to blog posts are great, but please feel free to email me directly –  I particularly enjoy hearing questions or suggestions for future blog posts. So keep the comments and emails coming!

  • Mike F

    Hey Seth. You are true to what you say. Thanks for helping me out and pinging me back via email!

  • Jim Lipsey

    Seth, I'm only now realizing how much information is in blogs! I'll be coming to the TechStars for a day in Boulder (this coming Tuesday), and in researching all I can about it and the mentors, I've found a wealth of information all to help me with my startup. Thank you for all your openess and sharing it via blogging! Look forward to meeting you sometime…

    • sethlevine

      thanks for the note, jim. sorry that i’ll miss you at techstars for a day (i’m out of town) – i’m glad you’re coming out for that.