Apr 1 2009

Don’t be caught on the sidelines

On my drive in this morning I was trying to think of reasons for you to NOT come to Glue…and came up completely blank.

Glue is a unique chance to engage about some of the most current topics surrounding web technology with a national audience. Come talk with George Reese about securing cloud infrastructure (he has an upcoming O’Rielly book on the subject); hear about OAuth, OpenID and how they play into web architectures and services from Andrew Nash (PayPal) and Danny Kolke (etelos); debate the role of XMPP with Peter Stain-Andre, Jack Moffitt and Seth Fitsimmons (3 XMPP heavyweights); rub shoulders with Mitch Kapor (uber-angel/advisor, founder of Lotus Development Corp); geek out about cloud databases with Alex Iskold (AdaptiveBlue/ReadWriteWeb) and Stu Charleton (Elastra); and much much more (see the full agenda).

I’d challenge you to find another conference of this caliber.  And because the goal of Glue is to bring as many people to the conversation as we possibly can, we’ve aggressively priced the two day event at $495.  I don’t care what you think about the current economy – $495 to join a discussion at this level across two days and nights I think is impossible to turn down. You can register here for the event – do it now before you forget!