The Hajj in 3 Minutes

In case you don’t have 12 hours to actually do the Colorado Hajj yourself, Walker has conveniently condensed the trip into a ~3 minute video. Enjoy!

  • Ray Sachs

    Venture capital may not be dead but venture capitalists are dead tired.

  • Four things:

    1. I love that part when they were overlooking the town/city.
    2. I also love that part when they were biking along that narrow road next to the river.
    3. That's one steep climb…
    4. I love the background song.

    • sethlevine

      thanks jay. walker did an awesome job editing this down. hard to capture everything we did in only a 3 minute video, but i think he gave a pretty good picture of it. be sure to check out the original post that has some more detail!