Boulder featured on Fox Business News

For a long time my hometown of Boulder, Colorado has been known as a great place to live but more recently Boulder is taking on a reputation as a great place to start a company as well. And the rest of the country is starting to take notice (see BusinessWeek, HuffPo and the NY Times). Today Fox Business News did a few live segments from Boulder highlighting some of the people and institutions that are helping create great entrepreneurs and great companies here. I was fortunate enough to be interviewed live along with Lijit CEO Todd Vernon (Foundry is an investor in Lijit). I have to say it was a little nerve wracking to be doing a live feed (this occurred to me about 30 seconds before going on air, before which time I was perfectly calm, after which time I thought my heartbeat might be visible through my shirt). In the end it was super fun and great visibility for Boulder.

  • jeb

    Heard some chuckles at the end when the interviewer mentioned "not gov't run". Laughing at that, or something else?

    I'd also mention Boulder's great talent pool. How many with degrees per capita? How many with startup experience, etc.?

    And, without the high costs/regulations in CA (although I'm sure Boulder will catch up).

  • tobymurdock

    great job.

    love the exposure for Boulder!

  • DaveJ

    You guys represented… good job!