Jan 24 2015

Once bitten but nothing learned …. betting on the Superbowl again


Apparently I didn’t learn from my experience last year. As you may recall, I bet Dan Levitan from Maveron $5,000 that the Broncos would beat the Seahawks in last year’s Superbowl (one of several ultimately losing bets). They failed to do so. In spectacular fashion. (truthfully I didn’t watch past the first play of the 2nd half) And that was just the most public bet I lost (that money went to Seattle Children’s Hospital, so at least I was supporting a good cause). There were others – less expensive but more humiliating. </sigh>

Fast forward a year and we’re doing it again. Dan gets to bet on his beloved Seahawks. And while the Broncos didn’t make it back for a rematch (and let’s be honest with ourselves – they weren’t going to beat the Seahawks even with their somewhat revamped defense this year), the Patriots did. Turns out I’m from Boston and that makes me a big Pats fan.

So…when the Pats win, Dan is going to donate $5,000 to Boston Children’s Hospital. On the off chance that I lose, Seattle Children’s gets another $5,000 from me. Like last year, I’d encourage some side bets – we actually raised several thousand more for Seattle Children’s by people taking on a similar challenge.

Go Pats!