Taking a deep breath

Below is a note I just sent to our CEOs. While I’m dismayed at what happened last night, now isn’t a time to be reactionary. And the US needs a strong and vocal counterbalance to the hate and bigotry we just empowered.

For many of you, as well as for us, it was a deeply disappointing night. And it’s easy to wake up today with a sense of fear and foreboding about the future of our country. That’s understandable. And while we share that fear we also continue to share an optimism about the greatness of our country and our future. America is a resilient country and we passionately hope that resilience will temper the hate and vitriol that’s been on display over the past months in this election.

We’ve heard from many of you about what last night might mean for your businesses, whether a recession is imminent, whether costs should be cut immediately, etc. And we know that the markets appear to be reacting strongly to the news of a Trump presidency. But we believe that now isn’t the time for reactionary action. If you were excited about your business last week you should be excited about it today.

Our advice for the moment is to let things settle out. Stand up for the beliefs that are important to you. Be vocal within your community about things like tolerance, fairness and inclusiveness. Your employees will be looking to you for how to react. Show them that our economy and your business will go on. That we’ll evaluate the future dispassionately and that your business today isn’t fundamentally different than your business yesterday.

  • Very well put Seth… thank you for sharing this message, I believe this is the right perspective for all of us… This is a democracy, and indeed the sun came up again. We now need to pull together and as you said, continue to stand up for your beliefs and be positive about the future.

  • Tom Blue – Lead411

    I understand the negativity. I felt that way a bit last night and I saw it on Pearl street today. But here is your most important point: “continue to share an optimism about the greatness of our country and our future” – A focus on unity and optimism is how you lead and change people. Dont bash the opposite side or panic. Look to Obama and his speech today… “Now, everybody is sad when their side loses an election, but the day after we have to remember that we’re actually all on one team. This is an intramural scrimmage. We’re not Democrats first. We’re not Republicans first. We are Americans first. We’re patriots first.”

    • Well put. We owe it to our country (our kids, our friends) to fight for positive change in our country. We need to recognize that this election scared many Americans (and people around the world) and we need to work to help them feel (and actually be) safe.

  • Shurtleff

    Seth, as i explained to my distraught millennial daughter on election night, our democracy was resilient enough to deal with Nixon when i was a millennial, it was very scary, it wasn’t fun, but it worked out, take the long view. There is a lot to be learned and work to be done to fix the situation the nation is in, Suster’s post yesterday is a good place to start: https://bothsidesofthetable.com/the-most-thoughtful-human-story-of-the-election-ive-read-5cf2fc88d32a#.k6a4qx3h2