Apr 10 2019


Almost universally our best companies are constantly experimenting. This takes different forms in different parts of their businesses but the common theme is that every process, every page on your website, every communication to a customer is an opportunity to test and optimize. Sometimes this is chipping away at a mountain (small improvements that add up over time). Other times we see large jumps in efficiency (I had a company recently change some text on a landing page and see a 10% improvement in sign-ups to a white paper). The improvements are important – businesses become efficient over long periods of time and these efficiencies compound each other to create significantly better operational outcomes (and business outcomes). And even small improvements over long periods of time (and when combined with other improvements in the same flow) add up to significant changes. And it’s worth noting that optimization is a never ending process – even when you find something (like the landing page example above) that seems to make a big difference, that doesn’t end the experimenting. Tastes change and effectiveness of pretty much any page/email/process tends to go down over time.

So keep a constant eye towards process improvement and Always Be Experimenting.