Mar 26 2020

CO #COVID-19 Talent Network

With so many jobs being lost to the COVID-19 crisis a group of us thought it would be helpful to put together a talent network to help support those looking for work during this challenging time. We know there are companies out there hiring, and that includes tech companies. The Colorado #Covid19 Startup Talent Network provides job seekers access to upload their profile information and job skills. It also allows companies to search for talent and sort on various job criteria.

Please share this network so we can get the word out. You can use this shortlink for ease:

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A few thoughts as we launch this. We know it’s rough. Our goal was to get a basic set of capabilities launched as quickly as possible. We also know that the need beyond the startup/tech community is great. We started with tech because that’s what we know. We’re looking for help to stand up other versions of this database and create Talent Networks for other industries (Retail, Hospitality and Restaurant are urgent, but there are others). If you’re interested in helping make that happen you can reach out through the “contact the organizer” link on the Talent Network site or just email me directly (we need some people with some technical talent who can create the data fields and host the networks).

A number of people helped get the Talent Network ready to launch. First and foremost, Micah Mador from Foundry, who set up the database in Airtable, created the splash page and is maintaining the network itself.

Others provided valuable feedback to earlier versions of the Network. At Foundry this included Jason Lynch and Jaclyn Hester. Also, Kendra Haberkorn, Jennifer Goldman, Marc Nager, Jennifer Shedd, Jon Landau, and Natty Zola.

And thanks to all of you for getting the word out.

I’ll update this post as we get additional versions of this Network launched.

And while we’re calling this a Colorado network (mostly because it was created here), we recognize that most jobs at the moment are remote and many will remain that way. We’re not trying to put any artificial geographic boarders around this – but do want to recognize the limitations of what we’ve so quickly built.