Jul 17 2020

Colorado’s State-Wide Mask Order

Yesterday evening, Colorado Governor, Jared Polis, announced a state-wide mask order directing Colorado residents to wear a mask or face covering while in indoor public spaces. Citing the rise in COVID-19 cases in the state, Jared said, “…Masks are the ticket to the Colorado we love and a critical part of supporting Colorado’s economy and prosperity. The best way to support Colorado workers and businesses right now is to wear a mask.”

I’m proud of this decision and more broadly the way Gov Polis has handled the pandemic for Colorado. His proactive approach, which is has been a mark of his leadership style, has been tremendously beneficial to our state’s handling of the crisis – both in terms of our population’s health as well as the health of our economy.  The evidence is overwhelming that wearing masks slows the progress of the virus and saves lives. Unfortunately, other states such as Georgia are eschewing mask orders and turning their backs on the data showing that face coverings are very effective in spreading the virus. It’s so disappointing that this has somehow become a political issue and not one of common sense. And while I’m really pleased about Colorado’s decision, I’m truly worried about the populations in other states who aren’t thinking reasonably or who are putting politics ahead of the health of their people. Stay safe out there. And wear your mask!