Apr 27 2021

More New Builders Events! Tattered Cover Bookstore (and more!)

A few upcoming events to let you know about. First, we’re taking over the Instagram account for Commonplace Books in Oklahoma City for the entire day today (4/27/21, but the archive will remain there if you’re reading this later). We’ll be live on the account to answer questions about The New Builders and to talk with readers at both 1:00PM and 4:00PM MDT (that’s 2:00PM and 5:00PM in OKC). We’ll be telling the stories and introducing some of the entrepreneurs working in Oklahoma City that we write about in the book. Drop in and join us!

Also, a reminder that tomorrow night, we’re hosting an event with Black Lab Sports that will focus on New Builders working in sports and performance technology. I was just reviewing our plan for the evening – it will be a very interesting discussion. More details through the link above.

Last event to tell you about is one that’s close to home for us – a forum we’re hosting along with the Tattered Cover Bookstore. I’ve been visiting the Tattered Cover since I was a kid, coming to Denver to visit my grandparents each summer. Tattered is an icon of Denver and a wonderful local resource for our community (as so many local bookstores are). I was fortunate to be able to participate in the purchase of Tattered that was led by new CEO Kwame Spearman a few months ago.

Next Friday, May 7th, Tattered will be hosting an online discussion about The New Builders at 6pm MTN. The event will be moderated by Summer Nettles of Greater Purpose Media and will feature some New Builders from the Denver area: Lorena Cantarovici of Maria Empanada, Toti Cavadid of Essencialize, and Mowa Haile of Sky Blue Builders. Maria’s shop was recently visited by Vice President Biden.

The event is mostly focused on this amazing group of business owners as we talk about women and BIPOC business owners and how to better support them. My co-author, Elizabeth, and I will talk briefly at the end about how the themes these entrepreneurs talk about are reflected nationally.

You can register for the event via Eventbrite. We hope you’ll share this with others – it’s going to be a special evening (and those from anywhere in the country – or the world – are welcome to join!)