May 24 2005

Sltashdotted for VCs

I got the VC equivalent of Slashdotted today when Daniel Primack of PE Week Wire referenced my “How to become a venture capitalist” post in his daily e-mail this morning.  Traffic on my blog went crazy (it was already running
a little high this week from that post – particularly after Brad and Fred each referenced it at my request). I’ve even had some publications ask me if they could reprint the article.  Pretty cool stuff.

As a result there are a lot of people hitting my site that are first time readers.  Allow me to suggest a few posts to check out that I think are representative of my writing.

Here’s why I blog (link)

Here’s why I call this blog VC Adventure (link)
Here are some posts specific to Venture Capital (link)

Here are three posts that I really like a lot:
The Ten Minute Difference

Conveying Information Effectively

Taking 100% Responsibility

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