Welcome Will Price to Blogging

I’m always encouraged when I see other non-partner VC’s blogging. As regular readers of this blog know, I’m using it in part to explore some of the differences between being a partner and being a non-partner in the venture industry. While there are a number of great VC partner blogs, there are many fewer non-partners writing (when I started VC Adventure there were almost none). We’ve added one more to the ranks recently – my friend Will Price from Pequot Ventures. I first met Will about 10 years ago when we were both analysts for Morgan Stanley. Like me, Will didn’t take well to banking and has traveled a somewhat circuitous path to his role at Pequot. He’s a smart guy (despite not yet linking to me in his blogroll <g>) and worth taking a look at. So Will Price – welcome to the blogosphere and to the world of VC blogging. I hope your posts are insightful and direct.

  • Thanks Seth. You and Brad inspired me, and I enjoy seeing how you two tie the VC experience into a blog with good info and insight into the industry.

  • Discovered your Blog via Daniel Primack’s PE Week Wire.
    I appreciate you taking the time on this as the insight
    is very helpfull. As a guy who has repeatedly tried to bring deals to the table the information you have chosen to share has helped shapen the tools in the tool box.
    Thanks again!
    Tom Geaslen
    805 709-1048