A del.icio.us day

Yahoo buying del.icio.us makes total sense. I have to admit that around the time Union Square invested in the company I didn’t really get it – I hadn’t understood the power of a user generated hierarchy. A few months ago I got a clue about it – late to the party, but at least there.

Congrats to Fred, Brad and to the del.icio.us team – nice work!

  • Yahoo Acquiring Del.ico.us Explained in 6 Easy Steps

    Yahoo acquires Del.icio.us. What does that mean for social bookmarking?

  • We exchanged emails a few months ago saying how we both didn’t “get it.” I guess we both do now!!
    Since I joined the bandwagon i’ve found it a great way to organize bookmarks…plus other people are subscribing, which means the benefits radiate.