Start-up moments

One of the things that I like about spending most of my time with start-ups is that there are very few of the trappings of larger companies – people answer their own phones; leave their own outgoing voice-mail messages; everyone can fit in a single room for a company update; all employees can give feedback on products; etc. I remember fondly the early days at my last company before we had an office – when we could hold our management/company meetings sitting around a single Starbuck’s table. Of course things tend not to stay that way (if you’re successful) and very quickly these days are forgotten history. At NewsGator’s board meeting today we had what can only be termed a start-up moment when our conference phone went down. Below is a picture of Mark Nass, NG’s VP of Finance pulling a dedicated phone line through the ceiling so we could connect back into the board call. That’s CEO JB Holston in the foreground.

Something fun to look back on one of these days . . .

  • Dave Jilk

    Brad, do you remember when we wired all of 155 Federal this way? And it wasn’t 10-base-T, it was coax.

  • Oh – I remember wiring 155 Federal, but I also remember wiring 875 Main Street and 260 Franklin Street this way. I remember the first time I busted one of those stupid ceiling tiles and had ceiling tile crap in my hair for a day. And – I remember crawling around on the floor at Endocrine Associates trying to get their damn vLan network to work.