Colorado Rocks

I imagine you’ve noticed that I’ve been silent over the past few weeks – taking some time off from work and blogging over the holidays.Not to gloat (WARNING: I’m about to gloat), but Colorado is a great place to live. In the same two week period I was skiing in deep fresh powder (multiple times), snowshoeing and cross country skiing with amazing mountain vistas and (here’s the really great part) mountain biking (in shorts!).

Unbelievable. I love this place!

  • Luca

    Darn, Seth, that was supposed to be a secret! I like for coasties to think that Colorado weather is cold and unforgiving, so that they don’t crowd our state.

  • Jim

    Seth, I couldn’t agree with you more. I was up in Breckenridge last weekend and the skiing was great!! They had their annual Ice Sculpture Competition going and I was awe-struck by some of the sculptures. It’s been one of the best winters for early snow. Just hope the powder keeps coming down through the spring like it has in Dec. and Jan.