Jan 5 2006

The Song Tapper

I wrote a post last year about conveying information effectively in which I talked about how difficult it is for someone to guess a song that you are tapping out with a finger (but how easy is feels like it should be when you are the one doing the tapping).  Its a true phenomenon, although I meant it as a metaphor for (or perhaps just an example of) how easy it is for people to overestimate their ability to clearly communicate their thoughts/ideas with others.

The internet being what it is, however, someone has actually put together a website that lets you tap in a song with your keyboard while it tells you what song you are tapping.  Its designed for people who have a song stuck in their head but can’t remember what it is, although its pretty fun to play around with even if that doesn’t describe your current condition . . .

Thanks for Charlie for sending this to me.