Is your VC a rockstar?

I had two people at VC in the Rockies this week say that VC’s were rockstars.

I hope that’s not really what most VCs actually think. I always thought of entrepreneurs as rockstars. We’re just the groupies.

  • Matt

    I think you are right, Seth. The entrepreneur for the most part is the rock star. But if they did not have the VC, angel, etc. to make an album, tour and greatest hits compilation they generally never get to the rock star status. So you guys are much more than groupies!

  • I do think its symbiotic Seth – but it does seem some VCs do think they are pretty hot stuff šŸ™‚

  • Jamie Adler

    This comment cracked me up because in our VC-backed company we constantly refer to our CUSTOMERS as the rock stars and ourselves as the humble “geeky band manager.” While our VCs > rock our world, we think the adventure travel outfitters who are our clients are Rock Stars because they are out there giving travelers incredible experiences, every day. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we pilot zeros and ones to keep their businesses growing (that’s the ‘geeky’ part)!